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  • Sumarni Sumarni Universitas Muhammadiyah Makassar
Kata Kunci: farmer Partnership, PT. SHS, Income


Knowing the problems faced by farmers, it is hoped that improvements can be made to improve partnership performance. In addition to evaluating the implementation of the partnership based on the agreed regulations, the success of the implementation of the
partnership can be achieved by knowing the level of satisfaction of farmers with the course of the partnership. The increase in income is also one of the benchmarks for the success of the partnership implementation. The purpose of this study was to determine the benefits of partnership between farmers and PT. Sang Hyang Seri, analyzed the level of farmer satisfaction with the partnership program with PT. Sang Hyang Seri, analyzed the income level of farmers who are partnering with PT. Sang Hyang Seri. The results of
this study are some of the benefits obtained from the partnership of farmers with PT. Sang Hyang Seri is through a partnership program, farmers will get assistance with production facilities, market guarantees, the company's purchase price is higher than the
price prevailing in the market, increased farmer skills, better production quality and increased farmers' income. to the partnership program with PT. Sang Hyang Seri is with a Customer Satisfaction Index value of 81.12 which is in the range of 0.81-1.00 which indicates that the consumer satisfaction index is on the "very satisfied" criteria, which means that farmers are very satisfied with the partnership program they have run
together. PT. Sang Hyang Seri. The amount of income obtained by farmers is Rp. 13,817,592/person. In order for the partnership program to continue, the company
should improve the procedure for paying harvests to farmers, so that there are no more delays in payments. Both parties should better understand the contents of the cooperation agreement contract so that there will be no more problems in the future.